About Me
Hi, I'm Dani (she/her) and I'm a learning designer based in Toronto, ON, who specializes in creating accessible, innovative, and engaging learning experiences. Currently, I work as an Instructional Designer at Vena Solutions, where I design digital learning experiences for customer education and product training. 

With a background in program management and training, I have designed and implemented a range of programs, including a cohort-based course that trained 1,500 people in no-code and marketing, as well as a national volunteer program that raised awareness and funds for a disaster relief organization. 

I found my true calling in education and facilitation, where I design virtual collaborative learning experiences that prioritize the integration of technology and inclusivity. To deepen my knowledge of how humans learn best in digital environments, I completed my Master of Education at the University of Toronto in Curriculum and Pedagogy specializing in Online Learning.

When not working, you can find me exploring new coffee shops, taking walks around the city, or spending time at home with her two cats. I love chatting about all thing learning, accessibility, and reality TV, please feel free to reach out and connect with me on LinkedIn!
My Design Focus 
Accessible Content Creation
Technical Product Training
Data-Driven Learning Solutions 
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